Dylan Sidoo

Meet the man behind the award, Dylan Sidoo 

About Dylan Sidoo

Dylan Sidoo is a distinguished tech entrepreneur and visionary whose journey in the world of finance and technology has been marked by excellence and innovation. His educational foundation was laid at St. George’s School, and from there, he embarked on an inspiring educational odyssey. Dylan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with Cum Laude honors at the University of Southern California, where he not only excelled academically but also thrived as a member of the USC Men’s Rugby team.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, Dylan attended Harvard Business School, where he successfully completed the CORe: Credential of Readiness course, gaining a solid foundation in essential business principles. His commitment to learning extends to Kings College London, where he is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Finance and Banking, enriching his understanding of global financial dynamics.

Dylan’s professional journey includes a pivotal role in business development at BMEX Gold, where he has been making significant contributions since 2020. He is also the visionary founder of Stryker Entertainment, LLC, a film acquisitions and distribution company, known for delivering marquee titles to specific SVOD and VOD platforms.

Notably, Dylan is a Co-Founder of Disappears.com Inc., a private messenger platform, and has been at the forefront of its growth and innovation since 2016. Beyond his professional endeavors, he serves as the Director of the Sidoo Family Giving Foundation, reflecting his deep commitment to philanthropy and community engagement.

Dylan Sidoo’s multifaceted career is an embodiment of his passion for finance, technology, and innovation. His story serves as a source of inspiration for young minds aspiring to excel in these fields. Explore more about Dylan Sidoo and the award that bears his name, dedicated to nurturing the financial leaders of tomorrow.